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A wedding dress hangs framed in front of a window, as seen through a small crack in the door to the room

An October Aspen Wedding


My best friend’s family has a lot of aspects – but the biggest one I think that is noticeable is how much love envelops every person and relationship, from close siblings to cousins and half siblings; hers is a family that just wants people to feel loved. She reached out to me about photographing a family members wedding in late 2022, and as soon as I chatted with Lena and Wyatt…


A bride stands in front of her groom and wedding party with arms spread wide on her rainy micro-wedding day

Tori & Steven’s CT Backyard Wedding


Our team member, Seran, photographed Steven and Tori at their intimate backyard wedding, held at Tori’s parent’s house, on a beautifully soft rainy day. The couple had planned for the probability of rain, so the clouds and drizzle didn’t even give them pause – and their closest friends and family met in a large white tent in a yard decorated with buckets on buckets of wildflowers that brightened up the day, and umbrellas for the wedding party.


Two brides leave their ceremony after exchanging vows at the 1754 House

Sharon & Anna’s 1754 House Micro-Wedding


My absolutely hands-down favorite thing about relocating to the East Coast from the Pacific Northwest has been the venues. I’m a total history nerd (in an abstract I love old things kind of way) and the buildings and venues here are the kind that make me sigh with excitement…


Kayla & Tim’s Connecticut Micro-Wedding


Kayla and Tim decided they wanted to have an intimate micro-wedding the week before their bigger wedding, at their Southbury home. So, on September 15, I met them at their gorgeous house tucked away in the woods on the edge of town – where I spent an hour with this stunning couple documenting their backyard wedding with their immediate families and closest friends. They had flowers from the bride’s grandmother, got ready in their own room, and legally exchanged vows in their yard, right next to their garden…