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Forest Fairytale on the Oregon Coast


Thankfully, July on the Oregon Coast doesn’t just have gorgeous light (peep those sunbeams through the trees.. I die), but it also has gorgeous weather. Which meant despite their heat index reading high, we had lovely 75 degree weather for this session.

There’s a point where you know so many locations that meet the criteria, that you almost get overwhelmed trying to pick one. I kept running through my head – moss (check), fairytale light (check), forest (check) but eventually I figured out I was overcomplicating it. Rather than drive 15-20 minutes on some backroad, I remembered there is this absolutely stunning mossy little spot, just near Devils Lake in Lincoln City, that always has the best light. And it fit Rachael and Mick’s vibe exactly.


Napatree Point Proposal and Engagement Session


There’s nothing quite like a frigid February day at the beach – and despite these photos looking beautiful and sunny, I’ll tell you that wind was cutting through us as we walked. Nonetheless – Francesco’s proposal to Ashley, and subsequent engagement session at Napatree Point made for a beautiful evening.
Located near Mystic, Connecticut just across the Rhode Island border, Napatree is a stunning conservation area and beach. With only a few other people at the beach; we had the wide expanse of sand and dunes nearly to ourselves for a beautiful private session. The sun was definitely a paid actor, and the insanely gorgeous sunset was a perfect background as Ashley and Francesco danced on the beach, walked together, and cuddled in the sand dunes…


A closeup of a man and woman's hands during their White Mountains high fantasy engagement session

Kat & Jason’s White Mountain High Fantasy Engagement


When Kat and Jason suggested we head to the White Mountains in New Hampshire for their high fantasy ren faire inspired engagement session, I was so there…


A woman hugs a man from behind while kneeling on a blanket for their springtime Connecticut engagement photos - while framed in colorful wildflowers

Courtney & Pete’s Connecticut Spring Engagement


I started talking to Courtney and Pete in late 2023 as they were looking for a photographer for their wedding (coming this September!). We connected, and after our first zoom call I already knew I adored these two. Courtney knew she wanted the greens of spring, and some flowers in their engagement session…


An engaged man and woman run down the beach holding hands during their photography session

Htet Htet & Cameron at Harkness Memorial State Park


Htet Htet reached out to me about an engagement session during one of my trips out to Oregon. I called her from a busy coffee shop, huddling down in the corner so that we could hear each other properly – while we chatted about planning a spring engagement session – at Harkness Memorial State Park…


A couple in 1990's retro vibe clothing sits in a little park in Manhattan, cuddled together on the ground during their engagement session

Alisha & Brandon – West Side NYC Engagement


Alisha and Brandon are one of the couples that I met through another photographer; my friend Lauren, who lives in Kentucky of all places. This gorgeous couple is actively involved in their New York City home – through theater, their careers, and as activists – so when I randomly messaged them a “hey! Lauren said I should reach out!” they agreed to let me document their new engagement; and do a little walking tour of the West Side in Manhattan.


A Foggy Southbury Engagement


When I asked Max & Haele to meet me at sunrise at the Bent of the River Audubon Park in Southbury, I knew I wanted sunrise, but I didn’t even let myself hope for fog. Late winter mornings are the best chance of fog, but there’s never a guarantee, so imagine my delight when we woke up and it was a heavy layer of beautiful fog blanketing the entire park…


Edgerton Park Greenhouse Engagement


Just one week before we photographed this stunning engagement session in New Haven, CT – Dhiene reached out to a local Facebook group looking for a photographer who could photograph an engagement session fairly quickly. I had some free time in my schedule, and responded (along with several other local photographers), and within a day I’d connected with these two…