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A bride in a gold satin dress with a gold embroidered veil stands against a vivid blue sky

A Jane Austen Inspired Bridal Session


I have wanted to photograph at Topsmead State Forest since I stumbled across their website in early 2023. Somehow, I never had the opportunity, so this winter I decided to make one. Topsmead has everything that makes my heart pitter patter – a stone wall against a tree covered lane, a beautiful English style cottage, and a pond with a small thicket of forsythia nearby…


A couple sitting on a huge rock on the rocky shore of the Oregon Coast on an overcast day

Pacific City, Oregon – Drew & Emily


I have been photographing Emily & Drew for the past few years – starting with their engagement and wedding photos in 2022, and most recently a “anniversary” session in 2024 when I was on the Oregon Coast for work. They asked me for styling advice, and we decided to lean into a vintage classic look…


black and white image of a bride in the international tennis hall of fame

Tennis Hall of Fame – Bridal Session


There has been a lot of discourse this year on if it’s ethical to include images from styled sessions in your portfolio. So let’s start with a disclaimer – this bridal session was a styled session, that I participated in so that I could work at a new venue in a new to me state…


Connecticut Pride Session at Platt Park | MJ + Angela


It’s June … and for those of us celebrating – Happy Pride! I knew coming into this year that I wanted a session that was incredibly romantic, soft neutral tones, and gorgeous landscape. I put out a model call in a local LGBTQIA+ social media group asking for a couple who might want to participate in my session – and I met MJ and Angela through that group…


Reynisfjara & Vik, Iceland Couples Session | Mackenzie & Taylor


We started mid-day in Vik – near a little chapel above the town, in the hills. To one side was the ocean and cliffs just past the town of Vik. Behind the rolling hills, in the distance, you could just make out a glacier. Talk about an insane setting! From Vik, we headed down to Reynisfjara – the famous black sand beach. It was somewhat crowded near the basalt cliffs, so we made our way down the beach with the clouds hanging softly in the blue sky over the ocean. There is something insanely magical about this place – awe inspiring in its beauty – that can’t quite be fully captured in photos…