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An Elopement Week in Iceland


I’ve always struggled with how to write about this particular elopement. These were more than just clients for me… the groom, James, was one of my dearest friends through some of the hardest years of my life. I met him in his early 20’s, watched him go through a struggle with becoming sober, he helped me through my divorce and then supported me as I got on my feet as a single mom…


Reynisfjara & Vik, Iceland Couples Session | Mackenzie & Taylor


We started mid-day in Vik – near a little chapel above the town, in the hills. To one side was the ocean and cliffs just past the town of Vik. Behind the rolling hills, in the distance, you could just make out a glacier. Talk about an insane setting! From Vik, we headed down to Reynisfjara – the famous black sand beach. It was somewhat crowded near the basalt cliffs, so we made our way down the beach with the clouds hanging softly in the blue sky over the ocean. There is something insanely magical about this place – awe inspiring in its beauty – that can’t quite be fully captured in photos…