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I'm in love with old world paintings, nostalgic film and home video, castle ruins, folk art, epic adventure stories and landscapes, cinematic romance, books, and cozy cottage vibes. not only is my life inspired by the things I love, but so is my art.

I love to slow explore, hiking while taking time to look at the tiny details, sipping lattes and people watching, and looking for pockets of light in old dusty places. I wear the clothes inspired by a myriad of decades from the renaissance to the 1990s, get freckles tattooed on my face on a whim, play the "nerdy" table top games like Dungeons and Dragons, and escape into the world of books and museums. I want to work with people who want the same thing I do - photography that takes the mundane of day to day life, and transforms it something nostalgic, a little touch of rainy day melancholy, and full of uninhibited joy

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n. the self-contained pajama universe shared by two people on a long weekend morning, withdrawing from the world and letting the hours slow to a crawl, coming as close as they’ll ever get to pausing the flow of time, even as they know it’ll eventually rush back in all the faster.



from the dictionary of obscure sorrows

I am a photographer that wants everyone to know that this is a place where you can exist authentically and comfortably.

As a plus-size, gender-fluid human (she/they) who is part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as being neurodivergent (ASD) - it's important to me that my clients see themselves in my portfolio and know my photography studio + business is a place that is welcoming, diverse, and overflowing with love.




My husband and I were happy with our day-of of wedding experience with our charismatic photographer & are more than delighted with the beautiful album we received afterwards. Also, I got pregnant quickly after getting married, and they enthusiastically congratulated me and had no problem changing a scheduled boudoir shoot to a maternity shoot down the line. Most notably, I love how thoughtful and supportive my experience with them has been. Wedding planning was not a fun experience for me and every vendor felt extractive and money focused, with an exception being Mornden!

mark & danielle

"I hope their business continues to flourish, and they truly deserve it!"




I cannot even begin to express my gratitude and amazement over Krista's  quality of work! She was always on top of replies and communication in general (which was so wonderful and not what we were used to)! Krista certainly was the savior of our wedding. Photography is SO important to me, and so is the “feeling” of what special moments are captured. Krista’s presence at our wedding truly added to those special moments that my husband and I shared with each other and our guests. Her kind spirit and gentle demeanor made it so easy to “pose” for photos, especially for two awkward DnD players like me and my husband

sean & Julia

"It is almost a half a year after my wedding, and I still can’t stop looking over my gallery"




Krista absolutely blew us away and our families and friends keep commenting on her persona, positive vibes, and especially artistic, BEAUTIFUL photo style. Krista has such a keen, creative eye and shared FABULOUS ideas with us (without pressure), and she truly just brought our day together in all of the best ways. Literally talking us through our day in the most appropriate and comfortable ways.

Krista, getting to spend our day with you was so refreshing. We loved how we met on-site before our wedding and you assured us and talked us through our day so professionally

Kate & Christie

"we could not have been happier to have chosen a local, small business."




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