I'm Krista - the photographer who is going to give you wedding photos that look like a piece of art; and who is going to nerd out over gardening, dungeons & dragons, & bookshops with you (if those things are your jam too)

Here's just a little about my "professional about me" life:


  • I've been photographing weddings since 2012
  • I switched to Canon in 2013 and haven't looked back since
  • I learned on digital first, and then started film photography
  • I've worked with clients in fourteen states and four countries (so far)
  • My most "viral photo" was a snapshot I took of my kids during the 2017 total solar eclipse looking like little aliens with paper plates on their faces outside of our house
  • I photograph conceptual fantasy (like pirates, fairies, sirens, etc) for a fun and creative outlet


a closer look at


  • I studied musical theater in college
  • I lived overseas as a child, and have moved more than twenty times in my life
  • I eloped in early 2022 with my partner, and then had a micro-wedding with our families 6 months later
  • I'm very much a "West Coast" girl - and spent most of my life on the Pacific Ocean from California to Oregon
  • I'm either a total homebody - or like to travel the world; there's no in between (when I'm home, I'm home)
  • Cooking & Baking
  • Gardening
  • Playing D&D (and being DM)
  • Reading
  • Throwing pottery (I'm so bad at it)
  • "Hiking" (meandering and taking photos)
  • Earl Grey or Oolong Tea
  • Antique Shops & Estate Sales

random life info

things I love

I am a photographer that wants everyone to feel as if this is a place they know they can exist authentically and comfortably.

I am a gender-fluid human (she/they) who is a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, as well as being neurodivergent; as are several members of my family.  Most of my life, I never felt like I fully fit in anywhere - and it wasn't until my mid-thirties that I felt comfortable exploring who I am as a person... partly because I never had the words to describe myself, and I didn't see myself in the people around me.  Until one day, I did.  And then suddenly I had the words, and I realized why having representation is so important - as both a queer person, and someone with a brain that functions differently than the "typical".

I hope that as I continue to grow as an artist, you will see yourself reflected in my portfolio - as a diverse, welcoming, and loving place for anyone who holds the same values, and places the same importance in life as I do. I want you to know I value love in the many beautiful shades that it comes in, and that when you work with me, you'll feel seen and understood.

who i am

core beliefs


want to ask


questions you might

how long have you been a wedding photographer?

do you offer full editing and retouching?

how would you describe your aesthetic?

do you work with a second photographer?

I photographed my first wedding as a solo photographer in 2012; and have been specializing in working with couples ever since

Cinematic with a touch of literary moodiness, inspired by art, books, and a huge portion of nostalgia

All client digital  galleries will have color & exposure correction, as well as cropping & color grading on their entire gallery.  Formal portraits will include retouching of any skin blemishes that would typically be gone within a week.

Film scans receive base editing, and Super 8 films will be toned and edited into a cohesive highlight film.

For any additional or specific editing needs, please request as soon as possible so we can discuss what the best options are and if I can acomodate the request.

If you're booking a traditional wedding, a second photographer is included in every collection.

If you're booking an elopement or micro-wedding collection, a second photographer can be added on for additional coverage.

Collections that include 35mm or Super 8 film require a second (or third) person for coverage, and a quote will be provided to you upon request if your collection does not already include this