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Forest Fairytale on the Oregon Coast


Thankfully, July on the Oregon Coast doesn’t just have gorgeous light (peep those sunbeams through the trees.. I die), but it also has gorgeous weather. Which meant despite their heat index reading high, we had lovely 75 degree weather for this session.

There’s a point where you know so many locations that meet the criteria, that you almost get overwhelmed trying to pick one. I kept running through my head – moss (check), fairytale light (check), forest (check) but eventually I figured out I was overcomplicating it. Rather than drive 15-20 minutes on some backroad, I remembered there is this absolutely stunning mossy little spot, just near Devils Lake in Lincoln City, that always has the best light. And it fit Rachael and Mick’s vibe exactly.


A couple sitting on a huge rock on the rocky shore of the Oregon Coast on an overcast day

Pacific City, Oregon – Drew & Emily


I have been photographing Emily & Drew for the past few years – starting with their engagement and wedding photos in 2022, and most recently a “anniversary” session in 2024 when I was on the Oregon Coast for work. They asked me for styling advice, and we decided to lean into a vintage classic look…